About Us

About Us

ORO ENTERPRISES LTD is a leading distributor in Leather gloves and Leather wares is having a shining future planning in the variety and quality of its products. Definitely ORO ENTERPRISES LTD is presently Serving the world in the field of Motorbike Gloves, Leather Gloves, Fashion Gloves, Driving Gloves, Leather Garments and Leather Products. In Europe and U.S.A. ORO ENTERPRISES LTD has supplied Its products to the entire satisfaction of the consumers.

We have also undertaken the distributing of leather goods at our works to the order of the customers are having a scheduled program of the extension of our works. Some leading importers from Europe have visited our works and we fell pleasure to note that the performance of ORO ENTERPRISES LTD has been appreciated by the visitors with best suggestions for improvement. We are using the leather of best quality as full variety available in the market. Designing and sizes are even offered as per choice of the customer.

Satisfaction of the customer is our first priority. New designs and new fashions are the basic working of our experts in the designing department. TOP quality material is used even for buttons & threads. We offer excellent class of leather goods & hope that the quality shall be improved day by day.

With all guarantees of best quality and latest designs. we always offer competitive market rates which facilitates our customer to place more and sound orders. We always try to be strict so far as dates of shipments are agreed between the parties, we try our best to provide best packing & the lowest offering rates forwarding agents are arranged to avoid excessive forwarding assure excellent services in this field. Further we have a department who can help the importers from the world over in the import of items other than those manufactured by us without any charges in this.

ORO ENTERPRISES LTD has a bright future in the leather goods & offer excellent and best products even a low cost to its customers the world over. We look forward for any further inquiries on the subject. We are at your disposal every time with the spirit of best trade relations with you.

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Managing Director

Muhammad Ashfaq